Pointscore 2016



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All riders under the age of 18 who are signed on by someone other than their parent or legal gaurdian, MUST supply a "Guardianship Form" signed by a parent or legal gaurdian.

Also it is mandatory that every rider MUST provide a marshal (either themself or someone else), capable of marshalling at any position that they are assigned. If you are the guardian of any person under 18 years and also have your own child racing, you will be required to supply an additional marshall. If you are unfit to marshal then it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to bring someone with you that is. We cannot always assign a position that you request so please be prepared to marshal at your given point.

All riders on race day must have their race number on their back as per Motorcycling NSW's new GCR regulations.

New Changes:
The "Pro Open" & "Clubmed Open" classes have changed to "Pro All Powers" & "Clubmen All Powers". This will allow people who ride a 250 2 or 4 stroke to ride in both classes if they want. There is a extra fee for the 2nd class.

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